Forex Affiliate Commission

The FXOpen partnership program provides an opportunity to get commission remuneration from your referrals’ trading.

FXOpen is ready to pay you a Revenue Share (partner’s commission) for each trade your clients make.

FXOpen Partner’s comission scheme

As a beginner, you may use a standard commission remuneration scheme. To credit the commission to your account, we apply a multilevel agent model. It allows getting income not only from the 1st-level clients, (those brought to Forex by you personally), but also from your 2nd and 3rd –level clients (those attracted to Forex trading by your referrals). You are also offered income multipliers, increasing your commission based on your referrals’ total trading volume.

The partnership program for PAMM accounts is also available.

The amount of commission remuneration for different partnership levels is discussed on an individual basis and is stipulated in the agreement.

Any FXOpen partner or client can increase their profits by bringing new traders to the company.