Partnership Program for Traders and Bloggers

No need to be a professional trader to earn in Forex. If you are just a beginner, you’ve probably heard about referral commissions.

Online partnership in Forex: how does it work?

You may recommend FXOpen as a reliable broker to your friends who are interested in trading. You may also tell about FXOpen in forums, blogs, and social media networks. In all these cases, provide your referral link or the company’s banner with a partnership link. Post this link in your blog, forum or Facebook page with an advice to open an FXOpen account and you will get an additional source of income.

To get a personal referral link, you need to register an FXOpen account – eWallet – using the link You are also required to open a trading account to credit your partnership remuneration to. Once you’ve completed the registration process, you will get a referral link in Partnership section at My FXOpen area (login to check and copy).